I was actually introduced to EvolutionWriters.com by a friend of mine. They may call themselves kings of custom writing services but they are far from attaining that status. I got this impression the first time I came across their website. From the way the contents in this website are jumbled up is reflective of the level of services rendered. Given that EvolutionWriters are relatively new players in the game, this was to be expected. It was not all gloomy however. I also discovered that they have some areas where they are really doing well.

Review of EvolutionWriters.com and Their Writing Services

I also noticed something that doesn’t bode well for this site. When I wanted to order a paper from them, I had to open a link in a new tab in order to even see the rates that Evolution Writers charge. I paid $ 10 for an undergraduate paper, but the rate can be even higher. I was told by a customer agent that some papers can go up to $190 per page if you are looking for admission help within a span of three hours. That is really expensive considering that most of the people who would want to apply for place in college are not even employed.

I just bought an essay

I decided to order for a paper in food biochemistry at EvolutionWriters.com. It is one of the few units that I loathed in this course. So the writer that was given this job did not produce the level of quality that I expected. But to their credit, when I contacted their customer support, they were able to re-assign this job to another freelancer. The second paper was as good as they come. Also, the agent from EvolutionWriters was very willing to assist me with issues that go beyond the paper. So I would say that they hack it in this respect. They are better than Samedayessay guys.

Customer reviews

I would say that there is nothing much to read from their customer feedback. As it stands, they only have a single review on EvolutionWriters.com website. They do not have much feedback elsewhere as well. I totally expected this since they are still finding their feet on the market. Hopefully, they will be able to have more as they continue to grow in the market.

High quality

I also enquired about how they recruit their customers. Apparently, like all the other online writing sites, EvolutionWriters have their own standard of determining who joins them as a writer and who does not. The majority of their writers are native speakers of English but they do not have a problem hiring a talented writer from outside the natives’ bracket. The writers just have to prove their capabilities. I figured that this is actually working for them considering the quality of work that they produce.

Review of EvolutionWriters.com and Their Writing Services

I would really want to appraise the quality of the services that www.EvolutionWriters.com offer but I can’t. I felt that the quality of their paper was just slightly below the high levels required. Do not get me wrong, they are doing a great job but for me, they just did not hack it. For that reason, I am going to give them a 3.8 rating out of possible five.

EvolutionWriters.com is NOT the best essay writing service for your educational needs.

Please, visit reliable website.