Hi! My name’s Jeremy. I’m a student and like many other folks, I sometimes have trouble writing essays. It’s not always easy get them done quickly or accurately. Accordingly, I started to look for some alternatives. Thus, I came across a very reliable online essay writing service called EssayVikings. If you have similar difficulties from time to time, I hope this review of EssayVikings.com will be interesting to you.


The first thing I checked was the reputation of the company. Is EssayVikings.com legit? I looked online and read the official description, visited the company and read reviews from its customers. According to the information I discovered, I can freely claim that it’s a super trustworthy site, and offers the exact services I needed. Hence, I would like to give a more detailed EssayVikings.com review.

The Matter of Price

Undoubtedly, like many other students, the first thing I wanted to clarify was the question of price policy. The prices are relatively cheap, which is a good sign. Too low prices can be a red flag, potentially not promising dependable and trustworthy work. Everything depends on the details of the order. Here’s an example of the application form you can try filling out.

It contains the following points:

  • Type of paper
  • The kind of needed help
  • Paper length
  • Deadline
  • Number of cited sources
  • Citation format

You’ll also find an online calculator. Use it to figure out the total cost of your order. If you need to change any of the requirements, you can adjust it on the order form at any time. Thus, you can keep adjusting your order until it suits your pocketbook, too. I particularly like this function of EssayVikings.com writing service.

Other Benefits

Now, I’d like to turn my review on EssayVikings.com towards other important services it offers. They really help to reap the necessary benefits. These are:

  • Quality
  • Writer’s reputation
  • Uniqueness
  • Private data protection
  • Customer support

The reputation of every writing company directly depends on the quality of its staff. I sifted through data on the Internet and read the reviews of real people who worked with this website. The feedback is actually overwhelmingly positive. I like the point that its writers aren’t afraid to take on any sort of tasks and write about different academic papers. Another positive aspect is their speed. Almost all orders are delivered on time. If you place an order beforehand, you’ll definitely receive it before your deadline arrives.


I especially like it when writing websites provide detailed descriptions of their writers. Here you can easily check their best qualities, certificates, experience, etc. Besides, the website gives its own awards, such as “Best writer of the month”, “The fastest writer of the month”, etc. The customers’ rating is included. This provides all the additional evidence you need.

EssayVikings.com plagiarism-detectors offers yet another crucial advantage to this service. All research papers are supposed to be original, and EssayVikings makes sure of it. The company assigns a special editor who checks all written orders with the help of an effective plagiarism checker. Thus, you can always count on original content.

I cannot say that I’ve dealt with this resource too many times so far. However, after the three orders I’ve placed, I’m super confident in the company’s commitment to its customers and protecting their personal data. Look through the customers’ reviews. They don’t contain any accusations of EssayVikings failing to protect users’ personal data.

Finally, I would like to report on the customer support option. It’s actually great – far better than I’d been expecting, honestly. This is exactly what every customer needs. Its technicians are always on hand, competent, polite, and can give detailed explanations on whatever questions you have. Though I didn’t ask about everything, I’m quite sure that they can give you answers to any question you may have. Besides, the service works 24/7.

I think EssayVikings is very helpful. Its assistance is quick, and reliable, and the prices are reasonable. Try for yourself and you may like it, too.